The Ethics and Conflict of Interest Code for Senators

General communications

62. The Senate Ethics Officer may inform the public about the mandate, procedures and processes of the Office, about public decisions of the Office and about the Code, but shall not discuss the particular circumstances of an individual Senator except as expressly authorized by either a provision of the Code or the Committee.

Case communications

63. Where a matter is of public interest, the Senate Ethics Officer may inform the public whether or not the matter is under preliminary review or inquiry or has already been reviewed, inquired into and reported on or tabled in the Senate or with the Clerk, but shall not provide any further information; when to inform the public is a matter of discretion for the Senate Ethics Officer, to be exercised on a case-by-case basis.

Online access

64. Every preliminary determination letter, inquiry report, Committee report and decision of the Senate on any such Committee report shall be made available online at the website of the Senate Ethics Officer after it is made public by being tabled in or presented to the Senate or deposited with the Clerk of the Senate.