The Ethics and Conflict of Interest Code for Senators

Precedence to parliamentary functions

2. (1) Senators shall give precedence to their parliamentary functions over any other duty or activity, consistent with their summons to the Senate, which commands them to lay aside all difficulties and excuses to perform their parliamentary functions.


2. (2) Given that service in Parliament is a public trust, the Senate recognizes and declares that Senators are expected
(a) to remain members of their communities and regions and to continue their activities in those communities and regions while serving the public interest and those they represent to the best of their abilities;
(b) to fulfil their public duties while upholding the highest standards so as to avoid conflicts of interest and maintain and enhance public confidence and trust in the integrity of each Senator and in the Senate; and
(c) to arrange their private affairs so that foreseeable real or apparent conflicts of interest may be prevented from arising, but if such a conflict does arise, to resolve it in a way that protects the public interest.


2. (3) The Senate further declares that this Code shall be interpreted and administered so that Senators and their families shall be afforded a reasonable expectation of privacy.