The Ethics and Conflict of Interest Code for Senators

Statement of compliance

45. (1) Every Senator shall file annually, on or before the date applicable to the Senator as established by the Senate Ethics Officer under subsection (2), a written statement of compliance confirming that he or she has read the Code within the last 30 days and
(a) confirming that he or she is, to the best of his or her knowledge and belief, in compliance with the Code as of the day the statement is filed; or
(b) providing details of his or her non-compliance.

Filing date

45. (2) The date or dates on or before which the annual statements of compliance are required to be filed shall be established by the Senate Ethics Officer following approval by the Committee.

Public inspection

45. (3) Each statement of compliance is to be placed on file at the office of the Senate Ethics Officer and made available for public inspection.

Removal of statement from registry

45. (4) A statement of compliance shall be removed from the public registry at the time the Senator concerned ceases to be a Senator.

Online access

45. (5) Every statement of compliance available for public inspection under this section shall also be made available online on the website of the Senate Ethics Officer.

Additional information or clarification

46. Nothing in this Code prevents the Senate Ethics Officer from asking for further information or clarification from a Senator on a matter that relates to the Senator’s obligations under the Code.